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I provide custom-tailored social media marketing, digital-content creation, and website design services.

It's What I Do

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I am a solution-focused and performance-driven marketing specialist with a decade of experience in digital marketing, sales, & brand ambassadorship. I believe my experiences in marketing and research initiatives combined with my finely tuned leadership skills gained from three years of overseeing and managing elite marketing teams would significantly enhance your competitive advantage.

My exponential success rate is attributed to my prowess in assembling competent teams that can execute project launch-management-campaigns, gather and analyze KPIs, communicate proficiently with critical departments and establish flourishing relationships with customers and clients across the board. My aptitude for facilitating marketing and promotional initiatives is objectively driven by profit maximization and attendance targets without compromising customer/client satisfaction. Apart from the qualities mentioned above, I also have a unique knack for developing unique and effective social media campaigns, which I am sure would make a significant contribution to your team. My key achievements are:

• Managing teams within set budgets while increasing ROI and achieving brand recognition.

• Developing and implementing campaigns for corporate and creative clients.

• Exceeded sales target by $30,000 despite a short launch timeline for a pop-up art gallery in Los Angeles, CA.

• Managing issues related to time, funding, and resource limitations effectively and efficiently.

I do not doubt that my dexterity with social media, coupled with my administrative skills in leading cross-functional teams towards established goals, will sufficiently meet your expectations for your project(s). I look forward to meeting and discussing the other aspects of the job and my qualifications at your earliest convenience. Thank you for your consideration.

Warm Regards,
Nadeem Malki
Marketing Extraordinaire

Brands I Worked With

I have worked with over 20+ in 4 different cities across two countries and counting.

From formulating marketing strategies, marketing campaigns, to video content production, and strategy implementation. You name it. If it's digital, I can get the job done.

Let's Work Together

Are you launching/have recently launched a new restaurant/ small business/ creative project that you need help getting off the ground?

Let's talk! I'm available to take on new projects beginning August 12th, 2020.

Rates vary depending on the project, workload, and timeframe.

Contact me for business inquiries.

Response time: Approximately 12 hours.